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Dan Dan Ramen

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$ - Under $15 - Restaurant, Japanese

(02) 9904 1888

197 Military Rd, Neutral Bay
  M T W T F S S
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Cheap! great atmosphere and easy service. lots of character - don't let the understated appearance fool you - thats what its like in japan!

Great choices on the menu, we go nearly every friday night.
Anonymous - Likes It  |  Jul 23, 2010  |  Report  |  Reply

The food was bland and soup cold. Waited for 45 minutes for takeaway, when I was told it would only take 5 minutes when they took my order. The service was poor and food horrible.
Anonymous - Dislikes It  |  Jun 28, 2010  |  Report  |  Reply

The food at Dan Dan is very nice. It does feel like you are some where in Japan. You do need to book as it gets busy on saturday nights. Service is overall good. Second there tonight, will need to go back to try the ramen.
Anonymous - Likes It  |  May 22, 2010  |  Report  |  Reply

We have Dan-Dan every third night - its awesome value and so fresh & tasty. Great staff - the guys in the kitchen are really cool. you feel like youre in Tokyo ;)
Anonymous - Likes It  |  Apr 5, 2010  |  Report  |  Reply

My friends and myself often frequent Samari Sushi across the arcade ( Dan Dan is also run by the same people) and decided to give this a try. Very good food. All 4 of use commented on how much we enjoyed it. Good portions and reasonably priced. Only down side is the restaurant is a bit small and tables can only accommodate up to 4 people. But they do take away so if you do want to try it and have a big group of friends then take it away and eat comfortably at home!
Anonymous - Likes It  |  Mar 21, 2010  |  Report  |  Reply

I have Dan-Dan nearly every week for take away. Love the food and the generous portions. The staff are always very friendly and inviting.
Anonymous - Likes It  |  Aug 12, 2009  |  Report  |  Reply

Dan-Dan Japanese Restaurant (under Sushi Samurai) was a nightmare! The wagyu beef was literally made from half a bottle of pepper & TWO bottles of SALT! It was EXCESSIVELY SALTY it's NOT edible. I won't be surprised that your blood pressure will rise up terribly after eating that stuff. What's WORSE is the service of that restaurant! A complain was made to one of the waitresses and she did absolutely NOTHING about it. This restaurant shows NO respect to their customers at all. I am terribly disappointed about this restaurant & I will never go back to Dan-Dan again.
Anonymous - Dislikes It  |  Apr 25, 2009  |  Report  |  Reply

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