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Curry Connection

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$ - Under $15 - Restaurant, Indian

(07) 3870 3277

4/224 Hawken Drive, St Lucia
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About Curry Connection

It is our Intention to involve you in a wondrous experience when you dine with us at Curry Connection and in order to create a feeling of expectancy, we would like to tell you just a touch about India and its cuisine. Our chefs are all specialists direct from some of the best restaurants in India and are immensely proud of their cuisine and expertise. Just as there is no one spice used for every single Indian dish, there is really no single technique that is common to all Indian food. The variety of talent in our team of chefs allows us to present a true diversity of Indian food from many regions.

Reviews (11 Diner Reviews)

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it is without a doubt the best indian food i've had in brisbane!! i had the dal taduka, a thick lentil paste with cumin, something everyone has to try, to dieeee for! i also had the beef psandaha, a creamy sauce, so savory, sooo good! totally recommend it!!
Anonymous - Likes It  |  Jun 26, 2011  |  Report  |  Reply

Where have you been all my life [in Brisbane]? for 10 years I've suffered Ozzie curry houses being a very poor second to those in the U.K. But this place deserves a place in the U.K. Now all I need to do is convince them to stay open past midnight. Fine cuisine, excellent flavones, responsive staff. Love em!
Anonymous - Likes It  |  Apr 8, 2011  |  Report  |  Reply

While it isn't the cheapest restaurant in the Ville, the food was great and the staff were lovely and helpful with questions about the menu.

Will definitely love to go back and try some of the other items!
Anonymous - Likes It  |  Jan 21, 2011  |  Report  |  Reply

Me and my family lived in India and don't go anywhere else for indian cuisine. This is the best indian in brisbane.
Anonymous - Likes It  |  Oct 11, 2010  |  Report  |  Reply

The food is cooked to perfection. Naan breads were perfectly cooked in traditional tandoor oven and that makes a difference (My all time favorite is Garlic Naan). Curries are served in "handis" (hot pot) and stays hot until you finish a bottle of Wine and even longer (Kadai chicken - Med is a must try). Cheap price, flamboyance in food, subtle atmosphere. Waitstaff were polite,particularly they dont create a feel that rushes you up. Best Indian curry. Naan and curries: 4.5/5. Service- 3.5/5
Anonymous - Likes It  |  Jun 4, 2010  |  Report  |  Reply

The meat is not chunky enough. The sauces and bread were delicious. Pretty damned good
Anonymous - Likes It  |  Mar 1, 2010  |  Report  |  Reply

awesome food and great service at an affordable price. what more can one ask for? the best indian restaurant i recommend.
Anonymous - Likes It  |  Jul 15, 2009  |  Report  |  Reply

We have tried curry connection three times and while the food is always of the highest quality, the service is slow and we often feel forgotten about.
Anonymous - Dislikes It  |  Jul 12, 2009  |  Report  |  Reply

A really great curry house & the Sunday dosa lunch is a MUST!
Anonymous - Likes It  |  Apr 10, 2009  |  Report  |  Reply

Unequivocally the greatest curry house in brisbane for taste, value, quality and service.
Anonymous - Likes It  |  Feb 13, 2009  |  Report  |  Reply

curry connection is the best indian restraunt i have ever been to the service is so good and fast i strongly recommend you to go there.
Anonymous - Likes It  |  Aug 30, 2008  |  Report  |  Reply

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