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Steel Bar & Grill

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$$$ - $30 to $50 - Restaurant, Modern Australian, Steak House

(02) 9299 9997

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60 Carrington Street, Sydney
Licensed, Outdoor Dining, Private Dining Area, AMEX, EFTPOS, Mastercard, Visa, Chef: Damian Heads, Seating: 200
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About Steel Bar & Grill

Steel is the latest innovative and exciting project from renowned designer Michael McCann and the team behind Pony in The Rocks, which includes executive chef, Damien Heads. The restaurant and bar is unique to Sydney, offering a concept similar to the funky restaurants and bars often found in New York and London. With 220 seats in total, the restaurant resonates with grandeur and elegance.


Steel Bar & Grill, Sydney
Steel Bar & Grill, Sydney
Steel Bar & Grill, Sydney
Steel Bar & Grill, Sydney
Steel Bar & Grill, Sydney

Reviews (9 Diner Reviews)

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Very cool, this place has the whole package - the restaurant is beautiful, the service and food was great.
Anonymous - Likes It  |  Oct 13, 2008 - 2nd review on this place  |  Report  |  Reply

Go before you can't get in!!
Anonymous - Likes It  |  Oct 13, 2008  |  Report  |  Reply

The design is amazing and so comfortable. We had a drink at the bar and enjoyed the open fireplace. The service was very attentive and friendly and the waiter made some excellent recommendations. Entrees were just as impressive as we shared chorizo, prawns, oysters and lobster ' a la russe'. For mains I loved my perfectly cooked veal (although slightly over salted). I also tried the lamb which was perfect. For desert both the pavlova and the apple tart were delicious. The wine list was extensive and the overall experience was amazing. A must try venue
Anonymous - Likes It  |  Oct 5, 2008  |  Report  |  Reply

The staff attentive most of the time except when we tried to get the bill, all of a sudden we seemed to be invisible no amount of waving could get the staff's attention much to the amusement of the other patrons. It took ages for the food to be served, although the entree was served fairly quickly, as for the main the lamb was overcooked and it seemed like an eternity for the dessert to finally be served and we ordered one dessert to share between the two of us! The presentation was a little too ordinary.
Anonymous - Likes It  |  Oct 2, 2008  |  Report  |  Reply

Go just for the experience!!
Anonymous - Likes It  |  Sep 26, 2008  |  Report  |  Reply

Well what can I say - one word - Awesome! This place was just amazing! The service was exemplary. From the minute we walked in we were treated like we were the only people there. The staff were so attentive, we even timed them to refill our drinks and it took 10 seconds! However they did not hover around. The restaurant itself it fantastic! The decor impeccable and the bathrooms - well, I won't spoil it but I loved going in there! The food was cooked to perfection!!!!!!! 15 out of 10!!!!!!!
Anonymous - Likes It  |  Sep 26, 2008  |  Report  |  Reply

Everything started well, great decor, brilliant day for a business lunch. By the end of it though I was embarrassed I had selected the restaurant. Lunch took an hour to serve from ordering, we ordered the Pork loin, Salmon, Linguine with Vongole and seared scallops. The loin was dry, the salmon was dry and looked half eaten (obviously had stuck to the grill) and two of the vongole were served closed. No excuses for such poor attention to detail, presentation and what could have been a great meal/ingredients. The poor wait staff looked sheepish but not surprised. At least the scallops were tasty. So 1 out 4 stars from me.
Anonymous - Dislikes It  |  Sep 22, 2008  |  Report  |  Reply

decor is stunning you feel important and beautiful and rich just being there ! but my pasta was overcooked and cluggy the staff friendly and mature and seem to smooth over mistakes so well it's quite a gift they have perhaps the staff are just well picked sashimi was yes fresh and melted in your mouth the presentation was needing a bit of work I think went in for breakfast today with work and that was worth writing home about so good and despite their being thousand breakfast places steels breakfast will never leave my memory my omelete was to die for everyone at work kept talking about it all day !!!! coffee is straight from heaven too just wish dinner food would be as perfect just seems lazy in comparison to breakfast oh well the decor is flawless !!!!!
Anonymous - Likes It  |  Sep 17, 2008  |  Report  |  Reply

Very friendly staff - always smiling but gosh for a night that was not busy, too incompetent. Had to wait ages for service and then when we finally ordered our drinks had to wait ages for them to arrive! They had got our drinks mixed up?!?! There were only about 4 tables with people however? If table service is going to be offered for drinks the staff will have to pick up their game.
Anonymous - Likes It  |  Sep 12, 2008  |  Report  |  Reply

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