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Golden Barbeque

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$ - Under $15 - Restaurant, Chinese

(07) 3852 5222

157A Wickham Street, Fortitude Valley
  M T W T F S S
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GOOD FOOD................
Anonymous - Likes It  |  Mar 20, 2011  |  Report  |  Reply

I guarantee you won't ever find rice that good anywhere else in Brisbane... I've recommended all my friends and family, they are also addicted..
Anonymous - Likes It  |  Aug 17, 2010  |  Report  |  Reply

Good food...beef brisket one of the best in Brissy. Decor simple, but food good value.
Anonymous - Likes It  |  May 17, 2010  |  Report  |  Reply

my favourite bbq pork in brisbane before the change of owners... the flavours just not the same. but now they've reopened in inala, i know where i'm going for my fave bbq pork!
Anonymous - Likes It  |  Mar 8, 2010  |  Report  |  Reply

Everything delicious and inexpensive. Very fast service. Speedy in & out. High recommend.
Anonymous - Likes It  |  Feb 8, 2010  |  Report  |  Reply

They overcharged when and could not understand when I was explaining the bill to them.. In addition to that they hurry people out before your last bite's even half swallowed. Really rude establishment.
Anonymous - Dislikes It  |  Dec 28, 2009  |  Report  |  Reply

I've been eating at golden bbq for a few years now and they are the best restaurant in chinatown .. food, value & service is very good.. i would recommend to all eat here and taste the soup, meat and vege everything yummy
Anonymous - Likes It  |  Oct 22, 2009  |  Report  |  Reply

good price good food! quick feed!! delicious!
Anonymous - Likes It  |  Oct 22, 2009  |  Report  |  Reply

Since the change of owners. I must admit it's getting dodgy. Several occasions i had issues with the food when i takeawayed. Roast pork was still raw inside and seems like i was given really old meat from days ago. Note you HAVE to CHECK your food before you leave as they give you the the dodgy meats.
Anonymous - Dislikes It  |  Aug 27, 2009  |  Report  |  Reply

Ahh it's great! and very good value, a plate of their yummy roast pork and a large won ton noodle soup for 20 dollars! as for the Service thing, it's a bit rough, but I kinda like that too.
Anonymous - Likes It  |  Mar 8, 2009  |  Report  |  Reply

Anonymous - Dislikes It  |  Oct 7, 2008  |  Report  |  Reply

The food is quite good, go for it. But for my money, there are better places to eat in Brisbane.
Anonymous - Likes It  |  Oct 2, 2008  |  Report  |  Reply

Used to really enjoy eating here, I'd order the 'four treasure' meal, including rice, roast pork (crackling), bbq pork, roast duck, a fried egg, which comes with a bowl of seasonal vegetable soup. together with the ginger condiment, it's a very satisfying meal if you have a meat fix. However, the staff are abrupt. They rush you in, then when you finish, they hurry you out.
Anonymous - Likes It  |  Oct 2, 2008  |  Report  |  Reply

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