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Olive Tree Hotel

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$$$ - $30 to $50 - Pub, Modern Australian, Pub Bistro

(03) 9740 8033

111 Evans Street, Sunbury
  M T W T F S S
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Have been a patron for some time now. Recent decline in quality of food such as the steaks - not so much the cooking more the quality and size of them. Also the management really need to hire more waiting staff. A real pity because it used to be a reliable local eating option.
Anonymous - Dislikes It  |  Jan 24, 2012  |  Report  |  Reply

I take my elderly parents for Christmas Lunch every year and can't complain. The staff are always friendly and welcoming and food is very good at a price of around $65 per head. Its always a nice atmosphere on the day although last year it did seem a bit rushed as they were getting all the meals out and the courses served. I think the staff need to learn to stay calm and relaxed around the customers and not try to rush them through the courses....
Anonymous - Likes It  |  Oct 15, 2011  |  Report  |  Reply

Our overall experience at The Olive Tree Hotel was coupled with outstanding service and outstanding food! We will most definately be returning!
Anonymous - Likes It  |  Sep 19, 2011  |  Report  |  Reply

Do not reccomend. Waited 35 minutes for our meals. They really need to do something about their cooks. All 5 of us were very dissapointed with our meals. They are trying to do meals way above their skills. They need a real chef there. Some of the concoction of food is real messy. The menu is too big and need to hire better wait staff.
Anonymous - Dislikes It  |  Feb 28, 2011  |  Report  |  Reply

When i arrived i was looked at by bar staff as who are you after meeting up with my friends it only got worse the bar staff were rude and unhelpful when we askrd about there wines, then we ordered a bowl of chips which took an hour on a Monday night then we asked the girl for sauce she raised her eyes like omg now i have to go and get the sauce.
Anonymous - Dislikes It  |  Feb 22, 2011  |  Report  |  Reply

When I attended the OTH, I was pleasantly surprised at how good the menu was, not to mention the fantastic specials.

I had a fabulous waitress named Alysha who was attentive to all of my needs especially when it came to my (many) food allergies, she was happy to accommodate them all, and I didn't feel like a nuisance. I will be returning!
Anonymous - Likes It  |  Feb 10, 2011  |  Report  |  Reply

They take forever to finally give you your meals, last time I went there it took like half an hour to receive our meals, unimpressed!
Anonymous - Dislikes It  |  Feb 4, 2011  |  Report  |  Reply

After getting all the meals wrong. was referred to the manager who was not happy(22 years old and waved me good bye when he thought we weren't looking), to offer us our right meals.(yes it was our fault that the chef didnt cook what was written on order. Waitress abusedchef in front of us and manager thought we should have eaten what we were given.
Anonymous - Dislikes It  |  Jan 14, 2011  |  Report  |  Reply

arrived 6.00pm.At 6.23 Alysha asked if i wanted a drink & to order. Would not allow me to order seniors menu as that was from 5.00 to 6.00. i explained i was there at 6.00; it was not my fault that i waited 23 mins. drink arrived at 6.35pm; meal at 6.45pm. at 7.05pm i asked for desert menu and ordered at 7.15pm. At 7.35 i paid, left, no desert yet
Anonymous - Dislikes It  |  Dec 27, 2010  |  Report  |  Reply

the food is sometimes cold
but other than that awesome
Anonymous - Likes It  |  Dec 11, 2010  |  Report  |  Reply

OMG! The beer garden is awesome!! Heaps of room, there is a bar as well, two big screens showing the footy and racing, a betting machine, two other tv's showing cricket and soccer(or whatever you want). Fans and a cool spray mist thing for hot days. I heard they have livemusic out there on a sunday arvo as well
Anonymous - Likes It  |  Dec 3, 2010  |  Report  |  Reply

Waited ages for food, and the staff were very dismissive of our long wait. It took two hours from being seated to receiving food
I would think when paying above average prices that the service would also be above average
Anonymous - Dislikes It  |  Nov 1, 2010  |  Report  |  Reply

We've been there twice on a Tuesday for their $15 parma/steak and pot. Great value, good sized meals (I thought it would be small seeing as it was a $15 parma and pot but it wasn't) our waitress was fantastic, they forgot my dessert and everything was done to make sure I was happy and we got the dessert free and a free coffee. We'll be back for sure!
Anonymous - Likes It  |  Jun 23, 2010  |  Report  |  Reply

We ate there a few weeks ago (group of 6), food was great, really hot and generous portions. There were plenty of staff and we received excellent service. Have booked to return with a larger group soon!
Anonymous - Likes It  |  Jun 18, 2010  |  Report  |  Reply

Service was pitiful. Food was average (had veal parma which was oily as). And very expensive...probably to pay for the renovations done. Now if they could only get the ferals out of the beer garden and better access around the pokie venue !!!!
Anonymous - Dislikes It  |  Apr 17, 2010  |  Report  |  Reply

Never eat there again, service was arh.. there was none..
Anonymous - Dislikes It  |  Dec 20, 2009  |  Report  |  Reply

Good prices, good food and good service.
Anonymous - Likes It  |  May 22, 2009  |  Report  |  Reply

The Olive tree is a beautiful place to come. Although I've never had a meal there yet I have been in the beer garden which is highly recommended! There are 2 plasma screens out there, lots of tables & chairs, A beautiful fire place & on a hot summers day/night they have these spray thingies which spray a very fine mist out from the top of the roof to keep you cool! Wonderful atmosphere Friday & Saturday nights. There's also a bar out there.
Anonymous - Likes It  |  Feb 20, 2009  |  Report  |  Reply

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